Proper Tattoo Aftercare  

by Pool Builders on 11-19-2007 in Articles

Tattoo aftercare is as important as selecting the proper tattoo design and its placement. A beautiful tattoo can become a complete mess if you fail to properly follow the instruction given by your tattoo artist on the aftercare process. You are under the special care till you are with your tattoo artist but the responsibilities becomes as soon as you step out of the tattoo shop. It is your duty and completely depends on you how you take care of your new emblem inked on your body that enhances additional attraction to your looks.

It is very important to follow the guidelines your tattoo artist has given you and in case if you did not receive a care packet, then immediately follow-up call to your artist on the proper care of your tattoo. Make sure that none of the instructions given by your tattoo artist should be replaced by any means. For instance people often feel uncomfortable with bandages tied around area of the body where it has been inked to prevent air-born bacteria from infecting the fresh wound. People tend to remove before the stipulated hours which they should not do. They should leave the area untouched for at least two hours.

Besides this extra care of the area where is to be taken after the removal of the bandage. Use luke-warm water, and mild liquid antimicrobial soap to wash away any ointment, plasma, or dry blood from your new tattoo. Take care not rub that area with anything abrasive. While washing that area use your hand or soft paper towel. The same care should be taken while drying that area. Just pat but never make the mistake of rubbing that area with clean towel or dry paper towel. Then you need to apply a thin layer of D&D ointment, Bacitracin ointment, or H2Ocean. Avoid using Neosporin because it can causes excess healing and dry out. This further causes cracks and pigment loss. Such aftercare should be practice for 2-3 times daily and should be continued for 5-7 days until the skin is smooth. You can then apply un-scented lotions such as Lubriderm after the stipulated time of treatment.

Other activities like showering and bathing, swimming in swimming pools, lakes, or ponds and hot tubs, scabbing and getting expose in sun also requires certain type of precautions. While taking shower avoid soaking your tattoo for 2-4 weeks. Avoidance of contact with the chemicals present in the pool, and hot tub environment for at least 4-6 weeks after getting your tattoo is very important. Even swimming in lakes and ponds should be avoided as you may get infected through the untreated water. Do not pick, or scratch at the scabbing and protect your tattoo from harmful sun rays with an SPF of 30 and by your clothing.

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