Proper Way Of Shocking A Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-08-2011 in Articles

Can you imagine how much dirt is in the water of your swimming pool? These include body oil, make-ups, perfumes, dead skin cells, urine, and a lot more. Of course, it may really sound disgusting and may ruin your fun; however these can easily be treated by using a swimming pool shocking product.

This chemical process is done daily or anytime your pool is going to be used in order to disinfect its water. This process is called oxidation which breaks down all of the water soluble waste from swimmers and that of nature.

The first thing you need to do is to do a research on which shock product is safe and best to use on your pool as you will have choices on what to use. When purchasing for this product, buy something that is suitable to your pool system. When everything is all set up, the next thing for you to do is to use it on your pool. However, you don't just basically throw it on your pool and consider it shocked afterwards. No, there are ways on how to do it properly.

Before you shock your pool, you need to test your water first. Although this is not often needed as the total alkalinity level is almost always at 100-130 ppm, it still is better to do a water test just to make sure.

Carefully read the instructions and manual of the product you purchased. The proper way of doing it is by following the correct amount stated in the manufacturer's specification. Most of these products are fast-dissolving and are easy to use. You will also find that the amount to be used depends on the size of your swimming pool. You should also remember to use safety goggles and hand gloves when handling these chemical products as they can be hazardous to your health. These are in powdered form although some come in tablet and capsule, having a face mask is always the best thing to do.

Don't forget to keep the pool off limits for the whole process as swimming may result to skin and eye irritations. When your pool shocking product is mixed with the bathers waste, the tendency is that it emits a foul odor and at some time will irritate the eye, that's why it is best to stay away from the pool at the moment. The best time to do your swimming pool shocking process is at the end of the day or when no one intends to go for a swim. Allow it to settle in for a while and let it mix thoroughly with the water of your pool. Don't forget to clean your filter afterwards as they may be filled with some residue of the chemical or if required

Now you can have a pool that is not only clean-looking but something that is free from all the bathers waste. This process disinfects your pool and keeps it a healthy place to relax and have fun.

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