Proper Weekly Maintenance of Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 01-16-2012 in Articles

Maintaining a swimming pool is necessary for health reasons as well as the enjoyment of the pool itself. You should set aside at least 15 minutes per week keeping your pool in top shape, more if there is a lot of debris. As well as keeping the water clean, you also need to tend to the equipment. There are several pool supplies that will be required.

Let's start with the swimming pool itself. Start by brushing the tile at the water line. Next you will want to brush the steps. The reason you brush first is to release the debris, if you don't do this first, as you skim dirt and leaves will continue to release. After you are done brushing, you will want to skim the surface with a leaf net. The course nets are great for getting most of the debris, if you want to get a polished look you will have to use a fine mesh net. Just be warned, the finer the net, the more resistance moving through the water, it takes a lot longer to cover the entire swimming pool.

After you have cleaned the surface, you will need to start working on the bottom surface. If the bottom has not been cleaned in a while, you should brush the bottom surface to loosen everything up. After brushing, you should wait 15 minutes for everything to settle back down. For the larger debris, you can use the nets. If you have a vacuum, now would be the time to use it, make sure to move slowly so you do not stir up the dirt.

Now you will need to treat the water with chemicals. The levels should be checked twice per week if possible. When adding chemicals, make sure to have the pump running to circulate the swimming pool. Never mix the chemicals, it is advisable to add the chlorine and acid at opposite ends of the pool. Allow 30 minutes of circulation before entering pool.

Your final task will be to maintain the equipment. Empty the skimmer basket as often as needed, as well as the pump basket and pool cleaner bag. Check the filter pressure weekly and clean when needed. This is usually when the pressure rises by 7 psi. Keep the pump lid o-ring lubricated so it seals better and is easier to take off. Hopefully this will help you better understand how to maintain your swimming pool.

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