Properly Winterizing a Portable Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 11-05-2009 in Articles

There is a lot of confusion about properly winterizing a portable swimming pool these days. Many customers are given improper advice by local pool stores. Not because they mean to cause damage, but simply because most of the employees are only familiar with the old fashioned metal-sided pool that have very different needs.

Briefly, the difference between the traditional above ground pool and a portable pool are what define the difference in properly winterizing it for the coming winter. As an example, the local store may advise you to drain your pool halfway. This is incredibly important with the metal-sided above ground pool because they use considerably thinner non-reinforced liners. But a portable pool uses reinforced vinyl that is much stronger than the traditional above ground style. So these customers do not need to drain their pools at all to prepare them for the coming freezing temperatures.

Now there are some similarities in protecting accessories just as would be the case with any pool. Plastic items such as filters, ladders, toys and such can become brittle in the cold and wear down the items life span if left outside exposed to the cold and snow. It is best to store these items inside. It is also very important to cover your portable pool for the winter as well. Portable pools should have their own pool covers (as there are many styles, shapes and designs). If you purchased an EZ Pool then be sure to go back to our website and buy a Pool Cover specifically made for your portable pool.

The next area that confuses customers is chemicals. There should be no confusion on this issue at all as the chemicals needed to winterize an above ground pool would be the same for a portable swimming pool as well. So follow the advice of your local pools store on this matter as they will be the most qualified for advice in your area - as they are far more familiar with local water issues than any national entity would be.

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