Pros And Cons Of In-Ground And Above Ground Spas  

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Whether you are considering an in-ground or above-ground spa, you should know the spas sold and installed by American Pools and Spas are constructed using state of the art manufacturing technology and made of the most advanced and durable materials available.

This means you can count on many years of blissful use and with low maintenance. By choosing a spa from American Pools and Spas you can enjoy hassle free relaxation and enjoyment in the privacy of your home - which is the primary reason most homeowners choose to install a spa in the first place!

What Type Of Spa Is Right For You? In-ground Or Above Ground?

So you're ready to add a spa to your home for relaxing, entertaining and leisure. Maybe you've even picked out the backyard or deck spot where you want to place your new, beautiful spa. Now it's time to select the right type of spa for your needs and home environment. The right decision usually comes down to a few key details, as well as the cost of different spa models.

To help you make the best choice, we've outlined the Pros and Cons of each type. As you'll see the two options, in-ground or above ground, are not that difficult to choose from.

In-Ground Spas Pros & Cons

Just as the name implies, an in-ground is installed into the ground of your backyard, typically as part of your swimming pool. An in-ground can also be installed as a separate body of water, but that is far less common and more expensive both to build and maintain. In ground hot tubs are designed so the operational equipment is also below ground.

In-Ground Spas Pros:

- Maintenance runs alongside the pool, reducing both time, labor and cost to keep clean

- Proper filtration and cleanliness of water because it is usually tied in with the pool filtration system

- In-ground spas can fit more people comfortably in the water

- Long lasting and durable since the base is constructed in concrete

- Visually appealing and offers more options for decorative landscaping around the perimeter

In-Ground Spas Cons:

- To add an in-ground after you've had a pool built can cost as much as building a new pool due to the digging, construction, plumbing and electrical set-up

- No variation on spa jets, but it does act as a relaxing water feature

- Gunite covers the concrete construction base, which is not as smooth a texture as an acrylic spa shell

- May take up to 20 - 40 minutes to heat in cooler months in Florida

Above-Ground Spas Pros & Cons

Above ground hot tubs sit on the ground. All of the equipment is built around the tub and also sits at ground level. Above-ground come in many sizes and shapes, and a variety of color and design options. All types of above ground spas have various benefits, ranging from durable finish and rust-resistance. You can expect an above ground to offer years of use before it needs repair or replacement. Our above ground spa manufacturer that we use is HydroPool.

Above Ground Spas Pros:

- May be added to any patio, deck or backyard area

- Quick to install and you can enjoy your hot tub spa almost immediately

- Comes with its own filtration system and plumbing set-up

- Comfortable, ergonomic seating molded into the shell

- Adjustable jets for enhanced water therapy

- Takes 10-15 minutes to heat in cooler months in Florida

- Depending on the brand selected, above ground spas are typically less expensive (for same size as compared to an in-ground spa)

Above Ground Spas Cons:

Has to be cleaned Before and After every use.

- Because of the injection molded design, pre-set designated places for seating, lounging and step out

- If something goes wrong within the panel of the above ground spa, the repair will require a removal of the whole side of the spa to diagnose and repair the issue

Water must be completely changed every few months for proper sanitation and operation

- Lacking in visual appeal if there is no deck or landscaping to complement the spa structure

We hope this list of Pros and Cons has proved helpful as you decide on what type will work best for your home and needs. At American Pools and Spas, our team of install professionals have built and installed every type spa imaginable in both residential and commercial properties. Our quality control is unsurpassed from beginning to completion, and your satisfaction is our top priority!

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