Pros and Con of Robotic Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 03-14-2010 in Articles

Robotic pool cleaners is just one of the many pool supplies that can help you maintain your swimming pool and it is sensible that you try to know more about a product before buying one, to avoid regrets and inconvenience on your part.

This robotic pool cleaner is powered by the electric motor found inside its unit. It has a small transformer that you can plug into an outdoor outlet and this gives the electricity that drives the cleaner. The transformer is needed to convert the power from the outlet to a lower voltage and connects to the cleaner with an elongated cord. Robotic pool cleaners are really handy when it comes to those small dirt and debris as well as sand. There are even designs that come with a remote control which allow you to control your cleaner to clean any spot it might have missed.

This type of cleaner not only scrubs and cleans the walls but also the tile line. It can also enhance the circulation of your pool water because of the force of the electricity that powers this cleaner to suck all the debris. The only con that is really significant with these cleaners are the price which can really be expensive when compared to other swimming pool cleaners out there. But when used and taken care of properly this can be a wise and good investment for you.

You don't need to hurry out and buy a pool cleaner, you can first ask around to friends who are pool owners or professionals in the field of swimming pools and pool supplies.

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