Protect Your Pool Area With a Quality Pool Fence

by Pool Builders on 07-07-2009 in Articles

Something to think about when you put a pool in your backyard is the hazards that are associated with a pool. You just want something that you can take a dip in on hot day. There is nothing more refreshing and rewarding after a long day at the office in the middle of the summer. However, you will need to make sure that the only people that get into your pool are the ones that you want in there.

While you never want to be the one that brings a damper into things, the reality of it is that pools can lead to the loss of life if they are abused. All summer long you read story after story of how someone stumbled into a pool and ended up drowning. The sad part is that this can be prevented in most of the cases.

If you do not protect your pool, there are plenty of situations where people would think about gaining access. A curious child or a fun loving neighbor can be the culprit to an innocent situation that ends up in tragedy. Keep in mind that it is your property and if you don't take the right precautions, you can be held liable for their foolishness.

Even though the pool is being installed on private property, you still have a responsibility to protect other people from hurting themselves in it. The best ways to do this is by putting up a pool fence to make sure that nobody gains access unless you are supervising it and are aware of it.

Some people may call this overcautious, but not acting in this manner can lead to some horrific outcomes. What happens if you don't have a fence up and kids can just wander in off the street and take a dip into your pool unsupervised? What if they are walking the edge and fall in and cannot swim?

Think of that loud neighbor that likes to have a little bit too much fun on Friday nights. Are you ready to take the responsibility of him coming home a little hot one summer night and deciding to take a late night swim when he is intoxicated? If you do not restrict access to your pool, you are inviting both of these situations to occur.

A pool fence will not cost that much money. In fact, when you think of some of the alternatives of law suits or property damage that could occur with vandals getting in, it pays for itself the moment the last post goes in. You will want to get something of solid construction and make sure that it has a lockable gate.

Another aspect of the fence that you will want to concentrate on is its height. You need it to be large enough to deter people and animals from jumping over it, but small enough that you can see into the pool area when you are looking out the windows of your home. Remember, just because you have the fence you still need to see to make sure that unwanted and unsupervised people are not accessing your pool.

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