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by Pool Builders on 05-12-2014 in Articles

Having a swimming pool in your backyard gives you lots of opportunities for entertaining family and friends. Maintaining your pool is a requirement if you want it to be ready for special events. You can choose to hire a pool service, or learn how to maintain your own pool to save money. There are maintenance tasks that should be completed daily, weekly and occasionally. A swimming pool cost a lot of money to build in your backyard. It only takes 15 minutes each week to maintain your pool on your own and protect your investment.

Brush the surface of the pool once each week using Clearwater pool supplies. Clearwater pool maintenance includes weekly netting of debris off the surface of the water. Clearwater pool supplies include testing your pool water's chemistry. The pH and alkaline levels need to be within normal guidelines. You should also check to be sure there are proper levels of chlorine in the water. Care for your pool's filter by cleaning it two to three times each year or per manufacturer's guidelines.

Additional Clearwater pool maintenance includes cleaning tile and grout once each month with a special solution. If you have a salt water generator, you will need to check the content of the salt each month. Hire a pool technician once each year to give your pool a complete inspection. Super chlorinate the water after you have many swimmers in the water. Heavy rainstorms can also affect the chlorine levels.

If you have a pool surface made out of plaster, then it is important to brush it once each week. The most important factor in caring for your pool is maintaining the pH level. If the water is too acidic, then algae may grow resulting in a green colored pool. If the water is too alkaline, then the water will become murky or cloudy. Swimmers may experience a burning sensation in their eyes, nose and on the skin. Most swimming pool supply companies will test your water at no charge. This can be helpful if you don't have previous swimming pool maintenance experience.

A company providing Clearwater pool supplies can also recommend specific products to combat whatever pool problems you are experiencing. If you decide to hire a professional for pool maintenance, then be prepared to pay $50 to $60 for twenty minutes of time. It may seem difficult to maintain your pool on your own, but once you learn how, then maintenance is easy. You can expect to get many years of enjoyment out of your backyard swimming pool each year. Choose a pool with a heater for year-round enjoyment.

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