Protect swimming pool from dust and pollution  

by Pool Builders on 04-24-2012 in Articles

There are different types of swimming pools available. Among them, Above Ground Swimming Pool is very popular. It is a frequent uses swimming pool and it is placed on top of the ground in lieu of being placed in the ground. People choose such a pool for its excellent benefits. Because, there are options to choose different shapes, colors, sizes and styles for the swimming pool. With regards to the size of the pool, there are also decks available in different heights. To protect such pools from dust Above Ground Pool Covers are widely used today.

Ground Pools Covers are available in different sizes, to make sure that each different dimension satisfies the very need of that particular type of people buying that particular size pool. When you are buying a pool, you should purchase a fitted cover for your pool. This will help you to keep free your pool from unwanted debris. During the winter season, you can protect the above ground swimming pool by using solid above ground swimming pool winter covers. Because these covers are designed in such a way that it can tackle the harshest winter weather. You can also use fine mesh pool covers for your above ground swimming pools. This unique cover has firmly weaved scrim that increasingly maintains together covering that no breaks or gaps create. This permits only rainfall water, excellent silt and reducing snowfall to go through. This is quite easy to remove the lightweight cover in the spring. There is no need for pumping the cover and your water will be free from contamination.

Here are tips on how to set up above ground winter pool cover:
€ Before setting up your Swimming Pool Covers, you have to be sure that you are completely winterizing it. Pool winterizing consists of cleaning the damage area by eliminating all the dirt, trash and other solid contaminants in the water. Be sure about the water level to confirm that the lining is not dripping. Because many above ground pools are demolished during the winter because the water in the pool released during the off period. Try to use Skimmer Closing which will keep you from having to strain the water below the skimmer starting. Skimmer Guards also secure your Skimmer from expensive breaks & harm due to growing freezing water. You have to down the water level in the comeback suitable and the skimmer. Finally, you have to add anti-pool freeze chemicals.
€ Once winter season protecting Swimming Pool Cover is placed over the pool, you can now line the wire all over the cover's grommets. Position on the wire into the winch and then takes it strong to protect the cover. Put in the unwanted aspect of the cover to prevent protect from dislocating due to hefty gusts of wind. To avoid damage of the Above Ground Pool cover from the heavy wind, you may use cover slips.

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