Protecting Your Hair When Going Swimming

by Pool Builders on 07-22-2007 in Articles

Swimming is great for a full body workout but chlorine in swimming pools can be a killer for your hair. So how should we protect our hair when swimming? Well, before heading into the water, cover your hair with a layer of hair conditioner or oil. Oil might be a better option as it doesn't get washed off easily while conditioner will get washed off as you swim. I personally use coconut oil for my hair but you can use olive oil or baby oil too if you find the smell of coconut oil too strong.

Also, it is best to invest in a swimming cap for added protection. Though the cap doesn't totally prevent water from entering, conditioner or oil on your hair will stay on longer with the cap. However if you have longer hair and find it hard to fit all your hair into a swimming cap, you can always braid it instead. Or else, swimming caps specially catered to those with long hair are available too, though they might be a little hard to find.

After your swim, head to the shower immediately! Don't let the chlorine water sit in your hair. Be sure to shampoo well to get all the oil/conditioner out of your hair. After toweling your hair till it's damp and not dripping wet, spread a leave-in conditioner evenly throughout to repair damages. Run your fingers through your hair or use a wide-toothed comb to ensure the conditioner is applied to the inner layers of hair too. Be sure to always condition hair after swimming to prevent hair from turning into hay!

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