Protecting Your Hearing When You Teach Swimming Lessons  

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2010 in Articles

If you spend your days in the water, giving swimming lessons it is important that you take a few precautionary measures to make sure that you protect your hearing and that you do all that you can to make sure that you don't do any damage to your ears. Our ears are so delicate that the slightest bit of water in our ears over time can cause damage to our ears and make it so that we have trouble hearing. Long exposure to water or wind can lead to an ear infection which, if not properly taken care of can cause damage later on in life. Make sure to do all that you can to ensure that your hearing remains in tact and that you take care of yourself as much as possible.

Depending on where you work, the pool may or not be cleaned once a day, and given the amount of people in and out everyday, it is a good idea to assume that the pool is not very clean and to protect your ears as much as possible from water getting in. You can buy a pair of ear plugs, specially designed for surfers so that you can still hear the sounds and noises about you but it acts as a barrier so that the water doesn't get in and you can spend as much time as you need to in the water and not have to worry about it affecting your hearing.

It is also a good idea to keep a small face towel with you by the pool at all times so that you can dry off every so often and especially take care to dry out your ears. Make sure to do so every hour or so, so that you train yourself to stay conscious of caring for your ears and your hearing. Also, get in the habit of training your students to do the same, especially if they are young children as children are more prone to getting ear infections that can develop into more serious problems if properly not taken care of. Make it a point to get out of the pool mid lesson with your student and towel dry your ears so that you can both ensure that your ears remain healthy.

Encourage your students to get a hearing test at their doctor every year or so, just to make sure that their ears are well cared for and that everything is functioning properly. Because you spend so much time in the water as well, it is important to remain alert and to make sure that your ear health is your top priority. Likewise, it is always a good idea to make sure that you stay on top of your health and that you make time for regular checkups at your doctor. Anytime that you expose yourself to an element on a regular basis you are more prone to health risks that could develop if not properly monitored.

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