Protecting Your Skin in the Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-26-2012 in Articles

We're all aware of the harmful effects that long-term exposure to the sun can have on our bodies. But between the pool water and sweat brought on by summer heat, it's hard to keep our skin continuously protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Luckily, there are specially formulated sunscreens widely available at local and online swim shops that can help protect our children's skin (and keep yours just as youthful as ever). The protectants within the formula stay put, even after hours in the water. Protecting your skin will help you truly enjoy this hot, sunny, and fun swimming season without getting burned.

Of all the waterproof sunscreen brands out there, SolRX is one of the most trusted and highly recommended brands on the market. Their uniquely formulated creams are made to withstand hours in the sun and hold up strong, even in the water. SolRX WaterBlock Sunscreen in SPF 44 gives you and your family up to 8 hours of sun protection. The lotion is a water-based, non-greasy formula that's safe for even the most sensitive skin types. SolRX's no-run ingredients will save your child's tears and will keep your own eyes clear and irritant-free as you make your daily laps around the pool. Need more proof that their sunscreen is the best? SolRX proudly boasts that they have received the highest rating in the AMA Testing, which is conducted by the industry's official review.

For added protection for your child's sensitive skin, try SolRX's Rubber Ducky sunscreen. This SPF 44 formula is guaranteed not to run, rinse or wipe off. Have peace of mind that your active child is fully protected from harmful rays even as he or she splashes around in the water, towels off and goes back in for more. This sunscreen is fragrance-free, odor-free and PABA-free, ensuring that it's gentle enough for even the most delicate skin. Do yourself a favor and use any of the SolRX brand sunscreens to be absolutely sure that you and your family's skin will be protected this summer and beyond.

While sunscreens help protect our bodies in the sun, there is one extra step available to help restore moisture to our skin after a long day in the pool. After sun and swimming lotions are a great way to lock in moisture lost due to the drying effect of chlorine or due to rigorous workouts. Summer Solutions Moisture Therapy body lotion is a particularly effective product made with natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, this lotion can be used after swimming or showering to help lock in moisture and prevent skin from becoming cracked and dried out. Not to mention that it's light tropical citrus-coconut scent will undoubtedly refresh you after a hard workout.

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