Public pools: Myrthapools gives the best solutions  

by Pool Builders on 03-29-2012 in Articles

Myrthapools is the market leader in the public pools: every day Myrthapools works for giving the best solutions with hard work of the best architects team in the swimming pool field.
If you want to build a swimming pool I'm going to explain you why Myrthapools is the best choice for your needs.
First at all in the past this company built the most important pools all over the world for very famous and significant sporting events with excellent results and low prices. Having 50 years of experience helps a lot.
I said more than 50 years of building and over 50 installation for international swimming events.
This company can build in a short time every kind of pool of any size, any shape and any depth, because they use a very revolutionary and fast technology especially because the architects and the designer can create and plan their project in complete freedom.
Everyone can see their satisfaction in every sport event where the public pools are built by them.
Mythapool is the right choice even if you are an ecology supporter or a planet lover: in fact this kind of super technologic pool has really low CO2 emissions, less than the 50 per cent of any other pool.
Another very important value of this Italian company is the care of the customers.
Myrthapools uses an innovative technology that allows to built in a really short time the best swimming pool for every event.
The technology utilizes specific material like the stainless steel and the Pvc, used togheter for giving to the sunbathers and the athletes the best result.
Myrthapools is also market leader in the field of the water park attractions: you can find on the website a huge choice of slides, from the little ones for small pools to the biggest ones for the best water parks in the entire world, from a quite river with the rubber tubes from the fastest ones.
In the website you can find the reference of all the parks where Myrtapool worked in and see with your eyes how good is the job done.
Myrthapools produced its exclusive technology swimming public pools in more than 70 different countries all over the world and it has been chosen for a lots of international competitions, as Olympic games and world swimming championships.
But Mytha is not only about Sport it's also about leisure and free times because this company offers a lots of different solutions that allows every hotel ,every park, every resort and every camping to have a fantastic internal or external leisure pools.
Myrtha offers also swimming pools for physiotherapy and for fitness and wellness, in fact their exclusive technology allows to design the structure regarding and paying attention to all the architectural problems and to users safety.
Myrtha is able to create the real swimming pool of the future thanks to the best and the most sophisticated engineering mixed with years of experience.

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