Purchasing Pentair Pool Equipment Is the Best Investment

by Pool Builders on 02-09-2011 in Articles

Some might say that a swimming pool is a great investment and will increase the relative value of your backyard and home. This statement can be argued in some respect, but misleading in other respects. In some cases the dollar cost for installing a new pool and spa can range in cost from 22 thousand to up words of 220 thousand depending on a entire slew of factors. Some of these factors include water features like water slides, water falls and computer generated automation.

On the flip side, a investment is not always measured in financial profit increase. If you reside in your house and you plan to live there for a long extended period of time, then a swimming pool can a great investment for many years. many people forget about the value in their time. Time is the only substance in life we can not replace. Time is were memories are constructed and the time share between loved ones and close neighbors is non-replaceable. A swimming pool is the single best ways for loved ones and family friends can gather and construct long standing memories.

Also there is health factor and always having the ability to use a pool for exercises. There are 3 keys to a healthy life.

  • Taking care of your health physically with swimming.
  • Mentally with the great fun times with family and friends.
  • Emotionally is also the key by keeping your body fit.

All 3 are import to sustain a long and healthy life style. When we make the best choices to maintain good exercise we can prolong our quality of life for years to come. This is the only way that time can be regained and enjoyed to the fullest. As we continue to grow older, exercises can become more challenging to us. Swimming is one of the best ways that people young and older can benefit without suffering from added strain to our bodies. Swimming is considered by medical doctors to be a low impact activity that can improve strength and heart health at the same time.

Even having a simple designed pool installed, every pool needs good quality pool equipment. Pool equipment is what helps to achieve good water filtration and water cleanliness for swimmers. All pool or spa needs the simple components such as a good pump for good water flow. A good filter for proper filtering of impurities and some type of sanitation either chlorine or a pool salt water system. Many newer resorts, fitness centers and hotels are utilize the pool salt water system for sanitation purposes. Pool salt water systems are engineered to be less harmful to humans than traditional chlorine chemicals are. A pool salt water systems will decrease the harmful irritation to skin or burning red eyes because of its ability to adequately purify the water without any additional harmful chlorine chemicals in the water.

Over the course of the past few years, pool equipment manufactures are developing energy efficient pool pumps with new technology, LED pool lights, pool filters and control units that are designed to drastically reduce any need for wasted energy consumption. Swimming pool manufacturers like Pentair pool equipment has achieved this through their variable speed pool pumps, automatic pool cleaners and the popular cartridge pool filter. When building a pool and spa with all Pentair pool equipment, manufacturers tend to extend their product warranties by adding an additional 2 years on top of their basic product warranty. Pool manufacturers like Pentair pool equipment will tend to offer a higher level of customer support simply because you are using all of their pool equipment.

So when it comes time to make the decision to put in a swimming pool, always consider doing your research to find what is some of the latest products offered by Pentair pool equipment. In the end, you will be glad that you did and be rest assured that you made the right decisions.

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