Put Time And Consideration Into The Kind Of Pool Deck You Will Install

by Pool Builders on 11-27-2010 in Articles

Many people spend a lot of time deciding what kind of pool to install, where to install it and what design and materials to make it from but they don't spend as much time thinking about what kind of deck they'll use. If you think about it, though you will likely spend as much - if not more - time lounging on the deck as you do swimming in the pool. You might also want to think about the fact that you might want your deck for entertaining or simply hanging out.

You have to decide whether you want the deck to go all around the pool or only in a semi-circle. Think about what kind, and how much, deck furniture you will have and make certain you keep enough space built in to walk around comfortably once the furniture is placed. When it comes to pool decks, it's best to err on the size of too large rather than too small.

Other things to consider when designing your pool's deck are the building materials you will use; will the deck be in the shade, the sun or both; will you now or in the future want to incorporate a hot tub or spa; and if you have an outdoor kitchen planned, you want to make certain the deck is adjacent to it.

Here are a few of the pool deck materials to consider:

Wooden decks - Wood is a popular choice because it's easy to care for and is cost effective. One thing to consider, though with wooden decks is that they do require preventative maintenance in the form of paint, stain, and/or sealant in order to preserve its viability. Wood is usually the material of choice when it comes to above ground pools.

Concrete - A poured concrete deck is both affordable and can also be finished in myriad colors and patterns and made to look like tile, stone or brick. Poured concrete decks are best for warmer climates as they can crack in colder areas of the country.

Composite material - Composites are man-made materials that look like wood but are made from a mixture of materials such as polymer resins, plastic and wood. Composite decks are more expensive than wood but require less upkeep as they are designed to resist rot, warping and insect infestation.

Tile decks - You certainly don't want to install glazed tile as that would be too slippery but installing unglazed tile can add a touch of elegance to the pool décor. Square tiles are most commonly used but there are different, sizes, shapes and colors to choose from as well.

Concrete pavers - With concrete pavers you have a lot of options to be creative by mixing and matching shapes and sizes and colors to form a unique deck pattern.

There are more materials you can use to construct your pool deck and you can even mix and match materials and patterns to truly make the deck your own and stamp it with your own unique style.

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