Put in Place the Right Pool Repair Procedures

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

If you start to experience issues with a malfunctioning heater or the water isn't circulating efficiently, it might be time to look at the right choices for pool maintenance and repair. However, for the complete novice repairing a swimming pool could be quite a daunting prospect and might benefit to call on the services of the professionals. Here are some of the common areas to experience problems with the pool -


A heating system could start to malfunction for a variety of reasons which might relate to issues with the high limit switch, external temperature too cold, or thermostat programmed too low.

One of the first areas to inspect with a heating system includes the thermostat. If that appears to be within an ideal range, the next area to consider inspecting includes the high limit switch. Replacing this component helps with solving a malfunctioning heater on many occasions. If these basic remedies aren't able to help it might be necessary to call on the professionals to help with identifying the issues.

Underwater Lights

A further area to experience issues is with the set up of underwater lights. A regular bulb is intended to run for 800 to 1000 hours before needing to be replaced. Light fixture are often hard-wearing components are generally don't need replacing unless issues are detected with corrosion due to poor pH levels. Since electricity and water do not mix it might benefit to use the services of the pool specialists to complete this type of work.


A functioning pool pump is crucial to help water circulate in the pool. If this starts to malfunction it will help to inspect the system to see if you are able to establish which part is experiencing the problems. Most parts of the pump include a part number to help with purchasing the replacement parts. A local pool store should be able to help with obtaining the right part. If you aren't confident in replacing important components of this type, it benefits to use the professionals to complete the repair work.


If planning on completing repair work on the pool caulking, a first step is to make sure the surface is fully prepared. A surface should be dry and rough, and joints clean. Use a caulking material intended for outside applications. And for ease in applying the caulk make sure to use one of the highly effective caulking guns.

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