Quick Tips on Proper Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 03-09-2011 in Articles

Swimming is an extremely popular sport worldwide and is also a good exercise that can help you to maintain your shape and lose weight. Individuals are knowledgeable about the benefits of swimming and consequently you can find most homes in the United States with swimming pools. But, apart from the benefits of having a pool at home there is the maintenance aspect to think about if you are planning to build one in your backyard. It is important to take proper care of a pool and ensure the surrounding also remains clean.

The following will give you some information about maintaining a swimming pool if you are a beginner. Most people believe that it is difficult to maintain a pool. Yes, this will require a little bit of labor but when you notice the end results this will motivate you to keep it clean.

Basic Information

It will take some time for beginners to properly maintain a pool. Your primary responsibility would be to keep the pool free from harmful pollutants by cleaning it on a regular basis. The pool system is built with an automatic cleaner and this will remove tiny particles from the water. But, when it comes to larger objects such as dead leaves this must be removed with a net.


Even when you have an automatic cleaner, you can still use vacuum to clean the pool one time weekly. Before vacuuming the pool, ensure that you use a scrubber to clean the walls. By doing this, the vacuum cleaner will remove all the dust contaminants.

Use of Chemicals

When you add the correct chemicals to the swimming pool this will to keep it clean and completely free from contaminants and pollutants. It is important to use chemicals correctly because excessive use might harm the health of users. You can use a water test kit to measure the pH level of the pool. This kit will help you to monitor the pH balance as well as the amount of chemicals used to clean the pool.


When the water becomes stale in the pool this will cause the formation of green algae and bacteria. Regular circulation will discourage the buildup of bacteria and stop the growth of algae. You should ensure that return jets are pointing in one direction and is maintained at a 45 degrees angle. Throughout summer time, operate the return jets for about ten hours in order encourage proper circulation. In the event that you notice the formation of algae and bacteria in the water, it is best to resolve this problem before using it.

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