Quick and Helpful Tips For Maintaining Your Home Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-06-2010 in Articles

A simple way to have your own piece of heaven in your home is to have a swimming pool. This additional home feature can be regarded as a luxury or a way to increase property value. In any way you treat this facility, everyone can surely have a better time enjoying it if only it is maintained at its most pristine and safest condition.

There are two ways to maintain your home pool - one is to keep it clean at all times and the other is to ensure safety measures are always employed. Below are some tips how you can go about each maintenance task.

Cleanliness measures

While drowning may be the commonly associated tragedy with home pools, the sanitary conditions are also contributory factors that endanger individuals. Most pool owners have the same problems about the pool water. The common scenarios are the water is already green with algae or that that the chlorine level is too high, thus the swimmer's eyes and nose can burn easily. Thus it is very vital that the water is constantly checked. There are services that focus on water testing and balancing water chemistry. This test would evaluate the alkalinity and pH levels of your water. Unbalanced water can damage the pool equipment and cause erosion.

If you have the time, you can consult water calculators so as to help you out in knowing how much each chemical should be in your pool. For one, you can sanitize your pull by adding ample amount of chlorine or bromine. Either of these chemicals can kill bacteria, algae and other destructive living forms in the water. Balancers are also helpful to save you from buying expensive cleaning equipment to get rid of cloudy or irritating water. Shock treatments may also be required so as to destroy chlorine compounds. Algaecide can also be added to your pool to prevent and control algae formation. A good type would automatically kill this detrimental living form without staining your pool.

You should also be familiarized with the safety vacuum release system. What contributes to making the pool water murky looking is that there is some dirt clogging the drainage. Upon knowing how the vacuum release works, you can easily shut the system and suction off. The skimmer basket should also be checked as well to ensure the pool water circulating is fresher.

Other simple cleaning measures are vacuuming your pool, skimming leaves, brushing the walls and checking the filter and/or backwash at least once a week. Quality pool supplies can be conveniently availed from stores or even online shops.

Safety measures

It is very important that your home pool also fosters safety for the whole family, especially the children. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has devised several guidelines for pool barriers. The CSPC recommends home pool owners to install pool barriers that would "prevent a child from getting over, under or through and keep the child from gaining access to the pool except when supervising adults are present." According to CSPC standards, a sturdy steel barricade should be at least 48 inches above ground, one and one-fourth inches mesh size for chain link fences and one and three-fourth inches limit opening for latticework.

Alarms, pool covers, nets and detachable ladders for above-ground pools are gadgets that can add protection for the pool against small children who would want to jump in without adult supervision. These simple steps can surely make your home pool to be always equated with fun.

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