Rashguard and Swimsuit Hybrid - Thank You Kenna Swims!  

by Pool Builders on 11-18-2014 in Articles

If you listen and read articles about self image and confidence especially when it comes to young women, it suggests that many women, especially teenagers shy away from swimming with family and friends due to body image issues stemming from society and the media telling them what size and shape they should be or how their bodies should look like, often with the message that sounds like €the skinner the better right?€. But did you know that many teenage girls (even adults) shy away from swimming for a whole different reason other than weight? Many women suffer from body acne (or bacne), especially in the upper back area that can often lead to feeling of embarrassment when it comes to wearing "traditional" swimwear styles out there.

Women well into their 30's and 40's still struggle to come to terms with the fact that they are still struggling with €teenage€ skin issues such as bacne or scars or anything related to it. It doesn't help that many of the so called stylish clothing's are backless. As far as swimwear goes, I dare you to go find decent pieces that cover the back.
That is why we are excited to see a new swimwear line called Kenna Swims that is committed to bridge the gap between the sexy feminine swimwear styles and the coverage and comfort of a rash guard so that women can look stylish and sexy while feeling comfortable and confident in the beach and pool side, both in and out of the water.

Kenna Swims designs claims to be a hybrid between sexy and feminine bathing suit designs that hugs a woman's natural curves while providing back and chest coverage like a rash guard. Their first collection will have body suits, sexy swim shirts, one piece swimsuit / rash guard combinations two piece rash guard / swimsuit combination with options for a full sleeve or sleeveless rash guard looks. Kenna Swims designs also tend to use sheer fabrics to create the illusion of showing skin for a flawless and comfortable look.

Women can now have options when it comes to their swimsuit, whether they are looking for modesty, unique styles or just to cover up scars, Kenna Swims promises that you will find the perfect bathing suit you have been searching for - AKA, rash guard / bathingsuit hybrid.
Check out their amazing collection at http://www.kennaswims.com and get ready to have the best summer of your life!

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