Reach Hard-To-Reach Areas With Pool Poles

by Pool Builders on 03-18-2010 in Articles

No matter how you try to keep the swimming pool clean, you just have to still keep on cleaning it. That's probably the obsessive-compulsive cleaner in me talking, but really, our pools can never be clean enough.

Every time someone swims, wades or dips a foot or a hand in the water it is considered "contaminated". That is why you need chlorinators to clean the "unseen" dirt in your pool. Aside from chlorinators you have pool filters to clean the chlorinated water some more. These pool filters take care of the gunk (yes, that thing that makes the bottom and sides of our pools feel unexplainably slimy) that tends to find its way into the water no matter how much we remind our family to shower off before jumping into the pool.

But what about the bigger pool debris that somehow manages to land into the crevices or holes of your pool cover? Believe me I was at my wits end trying to find out why our pool cover had "built-in" holes. Wouldn't you agree with me that those holes defeat the purpose of covering up the pool?

Anyway, after debating with my wife on whether to replace the newly-bought pool cover or getting something else to clean whatever teeny-tiny debris manages to get into those holes, we decided to look into pool poles.

Pool poles are those telescopic rods measuring anywhere from as short as five feet to as long as twenty feet. These swimming pool poles usually have either a net or a brush attached to one end, but you can buy other accessories as well. You can actually choose to buy just a brush or a net to go with your pool poles, but as you probably might have already predicted, I choose to buy both a net and a brush... plus some other accessories like hangers, adapters and clips. I use the brush and the net one at a time of course.

I use the brush to scrub the bottom and sides of our pool before I make the filter run, so it gets all the gunk and as well as the precursors of gunk out before we dive in again. Then I use the net to skim off leaves or hair or anything else that's floating on the water.

Pool poles really come in handy because I don't think you'll want to be in the water every time you feel the urge to clean the pool. For all you know, whatever is on your skin or your clothing might be contributing to the cocktail that's already in your pool's water. But no, no chemistry lesson for us today. All I want to emphasize is the need to keep our pool water as immaculately clean as possible, especially when you have a young kid like I do who likes to "taste" even his bathwater.

Going back to pool poles, if I were you I'd make sure to get the anodized aluminum ones because they are the lightest there is. Don't get pool poles made of plastic because they tend to get heavier the longer they get. I've seen pool poles made of bamboo and although there seems to be nothing wrong with them I'm a bit concerned about their durability.

As always before buying anything, be it pool poles or any other accessory, make sure to check out first all that is out there. A good place to start is on the internet. It saves you the time, effort and gas that you would have expended if you were to go to 3 or more stores just to look at pool poles.

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