Ready, Set, Renovate: Three Reasons to Refresh Your Home.  

by Pool Builders on 03-16-2013 in Articles

Our home is a sanctuary; versions of ourselves hide themselves away, put aside for dawn and the morning bus run, when it all starts again; we are ourselves within its walls. It is always waiting and welcoming, the front light on after six. The neighbourhood is quiet and leafy, neighbours wave or nod on Sunday morning walks and children play in front yards instead of bedrooms, glued to another console. Transport is easy; a bus winds along your street, stopping irregularly, cutting down the commute and saving petrol for weekends. Our homes feel smaller, older, wearing against the fashionable developments.
Maybe it's time to sell up? What else can we do?

Renovate. Far from a fashionable waste of money, re-modelling your home is a beneficial exercise for many reasons. Here are our top three:

Dollars & Visions
The real estate market is struggling against period of low credit growth as Australians reserve their finances for handling existing debt, reigning in exorbitant spending and reducing the feasibility of property investments.

Renovation is about your vision, allowing you to stay located and off the real estate circuit; create the space you've always wanted, update the lounge room and a home office. Add a touch of luxury to the bathroom and combat the summer burn with a new pool. Inspired Constructions will help you realise the space potential of your current residence; we will work with you, every step of the way. Our dedicated team are always on deck and ready to answer any questions you may have - all queries are welcome, no matter how small.

Family Ties
Planning for a family is exciting; standing on the precipice of the unexpected. Room is a common anxiety among new and existing parents, do we have enough? Are we utilising space effectively? Will our kids mind sharing? As your family grows and later retracts, re-modelling is a commonsense solution to the evolving needs of your residence. Inspired Constructions are experts in adapting your home to the unexpected motions of foot traffic, pitter-patters and returning nestlings.

We all like something different every now and then; humans are visual beings, responding to colour subconsciously and instinctively. By extension, our environment weighs heavily on our mood, from dimension, aesthetics, interior design to lighting and fixture placement. Living in the same space daily, creates a comfortable, yet stagnant feeling. Changing things up doesn't mean selling out and pitching a real estate sign in your front yard. Breeze through our gallery and see for yourself. The revitalisation of a beloved home will ensure it remains in current memory for years to come, raising the standards of your street and adding value to later property assessments.

Inspired Constructions are dedicated to delivering luxury solutions, espousing only the highest customer service standards. There are no hidden costs with any of our projects, in fact, if we don't finish on time, we pay YOU.

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