Reasons to Install a Saltwater Pool System  

by Pool Builders on 09-29-2013 in Articles

Many people think that by installing a saltwater pool system they can swim in a little piece of Mother Nature's ocean and have no need for any chemical additives. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like this. For a start the ocean has many things going for it to keep the water clean - not least of which is the much higher concentration of salt. The ocean is a moving body of water with tides and wind to stir the water up and a sandy base to help sift out impurities.

So even though you have a saltwater pool you will still need some form of chlorination to keep on top of those harmful bacteria that will soon appear. The trouble is that without it, or without enough of it, the amines that go into your pool water from perspiration and - let's face it - urine, react with other substances to form bacteria that will certainly cause ear and eye infections and perhaps even worse.

The salt in your saltwater pool is not actually to make the water salty so that you can enjoy additional buoyancy. It is there to form a reaction with the chlorinator so that the right amount of chlorine can be delivered on a continuous basis and that will burn up the harmful elements in the water. This chlorine is produced in situ, rather than having to be bought and added to the pool. Rather, you buy the salt and the cell does the rest.

The chlorinator cell is not as new as you might think; it was invented in the US in the 1980s. However, it took some time for it to become popular, but now many commercial pools at hotels and caravan parks are choosing this kind of technology because it is simpler to use and more economical, especially in areas where the pool may not be used much for several months.

Even when a pool is not in use, the water must be kept in good condition otherwise it will need to be pumped out and replaced and this too, is a big cost. Add to that the fact that keeping the chlorine up to an unused pool is nearly as expensive as doing it for a pool that gets lots of use all the time and you will understand why such establishments are looking for ways to reduce costs and economise.

People who are putting in a new pool for their own private use now realise that the same thing applies to them. The saltwater pool is more economical and provides the benefit of water that is not so high in chlorine content as to cause an allergic reaction to affected individuals.

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