Reduce Swimming Pool Maintenance and Heating

by Pool Builders on 04-09-2009 in Articles

Owning our own private pool is something we have all dreamed about, but for those who turned this dream into a reality, you will know exactly what I mean when I say a swimming pool isn't an investment you can make everyday. It is because of this you should be doing everything you can to help protect your pool and prolong the use of outdoor swimming through a swimming pool enclosure.

Having your own private pool in the comfort of your back garden is a massive benefit to hot summer days, but let's face it, there are many days during our summer when these long hot days are merely only a dream! So having an open air pool for those beautiful days and being able to quickly enclose it when the weather takes a turn for the worst is something that pool owners throughout the UK and Europe have been waiting for. A swimming pool enclosure allows you to use your pool for more of the year. The design of it means that you can slide the enclosure over your swimming pool and patio in seconds.

There are a number of benefits that come with the use of a swimming pool enclosure for domestic use; having use of your pool all year round is just one of them. Other benefits revolve around the running costs, maintenance and heating of your pool.

Low maintenance and reduced heating are two of the main benefits that a swimming pool enclosure brings to you. With the use of one you will definitely start to see some significant cost savings. The amount of time that you spend cleaning out the pool will be significantly reduced as no debris will be able to get into the pool or the surrounding area. Also you will find that the amount of heat used on the pool will be cut as the temperature of the pool could be increased by up to 12°C. Reason being is heat will be retained when the enclosure is covering the pool. In addition to the fact that the water is kept at an ideal and comfortable temperature; the temperature of the air around the pool remains warm and free from droughts.

They are sturdy and durable but yet surprisingly lightweight! There's no fuss and no cleaning; all you get is simply more time to enjoy the benefits of your pool. And like all good products, with these enclosures you are presented with an array of choice but the main type that exists is known as a telescopic closure. This form of closure can either be tracked, which, as the name states, is where the frame is set on tracks so when it is opened the tracks will remain along each side of the swimming area. Or if you prefer you could go for the trackless option.

I urge anyone throughout the UK and Europe to seriously consider the benefits such as reduced maintenance and heating that the use of a closure would bring you. They are practical in the sense that your pool will be open for use all year round but they are also practical in a financial sense with the amount of money you will be saving. So don't let your investment in a pool go to waste; get an enclosure and protect it today!

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