Reducing Expenses With a Solar Swimming Pool Heating Unit  

by Pool Builders on 06-13-2013 in Articles

It's that time of year once again when snowbirds group to Florida from the North in order to find refuge from the cold wintertimes. And what better means to invest the Autumn and Wintertime months than by lounging in the sunlight and going for a swim in a warm and spotless blue swimming pool. But this previous wintertime was unseasonably chilly for the Sunshine State with temperature levels getting to rock bottom, and as a result working expenses of pool reaching all-time highs. Resorts, condos, as well as neighborhood residents were obliged to leave swimming pool heating units starting continually in order to keep their pools at a comfortable temperature level.

The average pool heating system requires a substantial quantity of power in order to run successfully. This implies a rise in use results in a substantial rise in your electric expenses. But there's a simple option to stay clear of additional money appearing of your pocket without losing your comfort; GO SOLAR!

Solar pool heater are an affordable and environmentally-friendly method to conserve you money. Not only are these systems reduced in annual operating expense, they're basic to put in and work with your existing swimming pool pump/filter system! Most of solar pool heater consist of: a solar enthusiast, which takes in the warmth from the sunlight and consequently warms the pool water being circulated via it; a circulating pump and filter, which every pool has; and a flow command valve, which will divert the water to the solar collector. Swimming pool water is pumped through the solar collector where it is heated, after that returned back to the swimming pool.

The performance which is discussed in relation to warmth pumps is additionally called Coefficient Of Performance or POLICEMAN. This provides a connection between the quantity of power used to the quantity of power produced. To review apples with apples, a common electric immersion heater (such as in a pot) is around 90 % effective so would have a DEPUTY near to 1 but warmth pumps could be rated with a POLICE OFFICER of 5 meanings a performance of FIVE HUNDRED %. This is since warmth pump do not actually make heat (like an immersion heating unit does) they simply quick from one area to another.

This is something the possible purchaser should understand because warmth pumps have a disadvantage. Electric heat pumps take heat from the air and transfer it to the swimming pool water so as the air temperature level goes down so does their effectiveness. Actually, once the air temperature strikes around the 45 levels F mark, they stop working and could also freeze up!

When reviewing different brand names for efficiency it is crucial to ensure the DEPUTY is computed under the very same disorders for every pump.

Solar pool heating is just one of the most affordable methods to be Green and prolong your swimming season year-round. Decide on a specialist that has the encounter in solar applications, and start minimizing your month-to-month energy bill quickly!

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