Rehabilitate With a Multi Purpose Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-18-2013 in Articles

Aquatic therapy is a physical treatment or exercise that is performed in the water. It uses the resistance of water instead of weights. It is usually done to rehabilitate patients after injury or those with chronic illness, helping to avoid the huge amount of stress on the joints by exercise outside the water. The therapy program utilizes the properties of water, in a perfectly built multipurpose pool. The course is conducted and managed by expert physiotherapists who design the program according to the requirement of the specific patient.

There are lots of companies that provide the multipurpose pool. These come in various forms and sizes. They are made from composite fiberglass which ensures high performance and durability. These are also equipped with high quality filtration system which consists of a 5.5kw electric heater a ¾-hp pump and a 320 square foot cartridge filter. In terms of protection and feasibility it has sunken steps with stainless steel handrails. You can also control the flow of water. It has air operated swimmer controls by which you can set the tone to start, stop, speed up and slow down.

Since these are generally used for exercise purpose they come with a non skid floor surface to provide a strong foot grip. For underwater exercise routine it has a 5-hp electric motor with paddle wheel drive system with is again accompanied with stainless steel front and side handrails. In terms of appearance, it is made from royal blue ceramic waterline tiles and comes with a start-up chemical and water test kit. These are the unique qualities that differentiate multipurpose pool from a stationary pool. Moreover it can be solely controlled by a simple remote control which even makes it easier for the elders to operate it.

There are many benefits that people can have with it. The proprietary paddlewheel propulsion system delivers the smoothest, deepest and the widest water flow. It is capable of circulating up to 30,000 gallons of water per minute. It also serves the dual purpose, by acting as lap swimming pools. The variable speed options create a strong current which can be perfect for a trained swimmer to enhance their swimming techniques. However it can be lowered and adjusted to a point where the flow is smooth enough to sooth arthritic joints.

The much needed information on its types and uses is available online. There are lots of companies that provide a multipurpose pool. You can visit their website and gather the information that you need prior to making the purchase. You can also order it online. For purchasing, first you need to fill a form which comprises of your personal information and for what purpose you plan to use it. Once you are finished with the details an online brochure is sent to your email box. You can compare the rates of the various models and accordingly choose the one that perfectly suits your requirement and budget.

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