Relationships: Dog Paddler or Michael Phelps (How Do You Swim Through Your Relationship?)

by Pool Builders on 08-06-2012 in Articles

As I watch the swimming competition at the London Olympics I'm amazed at how fearlessly the competitors dive into the water once the buzzer sounds. With determination and intent they move through the water to the end of the pool. Seeing them effortlessly move through the water (or so it seems from my spectator viewpoint) got me to thinking... do I move through my relationships like Michel Phelps or do I just dog paddle my way to the end of the pool? If I'm wearing the dog paddler badge now, can I become the equivalent of Michael Phelps and win a relationship gold medal?

Now the dog paddle will get you from one end of the pool to the other. It may take you a while, you might be exhausted from the process but alas, no shiny medal to show off to your friends or big time endorsement deals. Sorry, no Wheaties box cover for you. As unfulfilled as you may be, you will get something from splashing around in your current relationship. You may feel a little less lonely, you'll have someone to spend National holidays with, and, you might even have certain level of happiness. Does your relationship qualify for the medal stand... probably not.

Michael Phelps on the other hand glides through the water barely making a splash. He manages the currents and turns at the wall like a knife going through butter. When he makes that final touch on the wall at the end of the race he is tired but exhilarated. In some cases, he even has a nice new piece of bling for around his neck. If you applied those same techniques to swim through your own relationship could you end up on the medal stand? Well I think you can. You just need to figure out what he does differently and do what he does.

If you look at it, what's the big difference between the dog paddle and an Olympic caliber stroke, they both get you to the end of the pool. The difference is T. P. C. D. (Training, Practice, Coaching, and Desire). The same is true for your love relationships. You can splash around, tread water, and not really move forward into a loving and satisfying relationship or you can make different choices and turn your relationship into a gold medal winning performance. You just have to learn a new stroke, be willing to practice until you get good at it, and get a great coach that can keep you pointed in the right direction. But, most importantly you MUST have a desire to create a lasting and loving relationship.

So how about it, are you ready to pull on that Speedo and get to work making your relationship worthy of a gold medal and the cover of the Wheaties box?

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