Relax In An Orlando Vacation Rental  

by Pool Builders on 11-02-2005 in Articles

Well have you ever stayed in a single hotel room as a family of 4 or more? There is one television to cater for all 4 tastes, one bathroom so you must organise a rota to get washed and dressed. If you are lucky you may be allowed to pay extra to rent a fridge - failing that you may just need to buy everyone in your party a cool drink from the hotel as and when they require one - a cost which can mount up for a family of 4 over say a two week stay. Is there a better way to holiday?

We believe so - rent an Orlando vacation home []! These homes range from 3 bedrooms upwards. A 3 bedroom villa could have 2 or 3 bathrooms, thus everyone can shower and get ready at their leisure. Usually a T.V. is situated in EVERY bedroom so everyone can suit himself or herself as to what to watch, without having to compromise. With your Orlando vacation home [] having a fully equipped kitchen, the choice is always yours if you want to eat out or thoroughly relax at home or by the pool with a bite to eat.

The options for food in Orlando are endless - close to your rental villa will be an abundance of food options. There are plenty of supermarket styled shops where you can buy ready made hot meals which you can take back to your beautiful rental home to enjoy with your family or you can buy the ingredients to cook the meal of your choice. Alternatively there are plenty of carry out / take away restaurants so you can bring your food home to eat or even phone and have your meal delivered straight to your door, thus really making your rental villa a true home from home.

Relax in your own private swimming pool

Unlike hotels, there is no longer a need to pack a bag full of everything you might need just to make a trip to the pool, since at your vacation rental villa everything you require is only an arm's length away whether it be more suntan lotion or a lovely cool drink or ice cream as you continue to enjoy that lovely Floridian sunshine.

Want to wear your favourite outfit to meet Mickey & Minnie? Not a problem - you can wear it as often as you like since laundry facilities are supplied in your holiday rental villa at NO extra cost. No more buying tokens or saving up quarters for washing machines in selected hotels! This is all included in your rental price for your vacation villa.

Why vacation anywhere else!

With a private pool at your vacation home, anyone in your party can have a dip before breakfast or before turning in at night. Many home's pools are enclosed with a net to keep insects out, allowing you absolute freedom to swim day or night. A swim or soak in the spa is particularly appealing after a long day at the attractions.

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