Removing Phosphates From Pool Water

by Pool Builders on 05-26-2011 in Articles

Owning a swimming pool is both fun and tiring. We think that we do not have to explain why it is fun most of the time. However, we think that we owe you an explanation why owning a pool is also tiring at the same time. Swimming pools require regular maintenance and cleaning. These are essential things that should not be taken for granted. The safety of the people heavily depends on it. Whether you like it or not, you must keep the water and the entire pool itself, safe and clean. And when you are talking about these things, it definitely would involve removing phosphates from water. It is one of the tasks involved in the maintenance and cleaning of the pool. Today, we shall tell you a bit more about it.

Phosphates are one of the substances that are present in your pool; along with much other stuff like nitrate and other things. The things about phosphate are that it promotes the growth of algae in your pool. It becomes the main cause of repeated and stubborn algae infestation as well as the supposedly unexplained rise in the consumption of chlorine. The more you see algae in your pool, the more frequent you would pour chlorine on it. However, you are not hitting the target by doing that. The real culprit is the phosphates in your water and if you do not get rid of it, you will never get rid of the algae.

Removing the phosphates first from the water is the first step to getting rid of algae. Once you get rid of it, the quality of water in your pool would rise and you can then perform maintenance and cleaning routines much more efficiently. You must understand that phosphates, together with nitrates are one of the basic requirements for living things to thrive in your pool and yes, I am referring to algae. Once you get rid of these things, you also get rid of their food source, making it much more difficult for these organisms to survive. This way, you will not have to use a lot of chlorine.

How do your remove phosphates from your pool water? The best chemicals that you could use are lanthanum compounds and aluminum compounds. Aluminum is not that suitable for pool use since it produces a lot of leftover that needs to be vacuumed. Lanthanum on the other hand is the best option. Its ease to use and is perfectly suitable in maintaining the phosphate levels in your pool.

Ask your local pool store owner about it. They will definitely have something to say about this subject matter.

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