Replace Your Old Filtration System With New Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges  

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2013 in Articles

Owing a swimming pool is certainly a matter of pride but ensuring its proper and regular maintenance is something which requires diligence, patience and most importantly quality equipment's. Pool maintenance involves three main aspects i.e. flow, filtration and chemical balance. The most significant amongst of all three is filtration that involves removal of dirt and contaminants from pool water.
Some of the most common filtration systems include sand filters, diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, and cartridge filters that function to keep the water safe for you to swim in. Depending upon your preference of ease of maintenance, affordability and extent of filtration, you can choose any of the three filters. However, swimming pool filter cartridges have went on to become the preferred choice of pool owners owing as they are considered to be economical and low-maintenance filters as compared to their traditional counterparts.
As compared to yesteryears, this type of pool filters have undergone radical change in their shape, size and design, which in turn have enhanced their performance making them all the more popular amongst the fraternity of pool owners. The advance design of these filters features a free flow core, besides a superior quality filter media that allows higher flow rates, less energy consumption, and extended filter life.

The cartridge filtering element of these filters has anti-microbial protection. This advanced feature inhibits the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms on the pleated fabric that can uncouth and weaken a cartridge. Besides this such protection works to prevent bad odour and filter clogging, for an improved filtration system. Moreover, modern cartridge filter also have sharp pleat folds, sturdy centre cores along with wide, break-resistant banding material for optimum flow rates without pleat flutter.

Besides offering great pool performance, these filters are very simple to maintain and can be concluded in three simple steps, which includes simple rinsing the cartridge with water to remove loose dirt and debris with a garden hose. This is followed by soaking the cartridge in a filter cleaning solution to get remove stubborn impurities such as suntan lotion, body oil and more. Finally, rinse the cartridge thoroughly with water to remove cleaning solution and other remaining debris in the filter.

Howsoever well a filter is maintained, it is destined to rupture after an optimal filtering point. This calls for replacement of the filter with a compatible or a replaceable filtering element. Replaceable element offers performance at par or at times even better than the original ones but at much discounted prices than their original counterparts.

The benefits of installing a cartridge filter in your pool can outdo any other filter system. Whether its ease of maintenance, longevity, replacement, or affordability, cartridge filter is the way to go.

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