Replacement Pool Liners Versus Liner Repairs  

by Pool Builders on 07-15-2010 in Articles

Vinyl pool liners last an average of 8 to 10 years prior to needing to be replaced. Although, problems such as seepage or fading may necessitate their replacement sonner than that.

Repairing Leaking Swimming Pool Liners

Once your pool starts to leak through its liner the continuous loss of water will cause greater costs. While the water leaks out, some heat and chemical compounds will leak out with it so that more energy is needed to keep it warmed up and the chemicals will need to be topped up more frequently, so dealing with the issue sooner instead of later is in your best interest. If you are able to catch the leak fast enough, chances are you'll be able to make a repair job rather than needing to obtain a new replacement.

Discovering leaks may be challenging but it's not unattainable. The initial place to look is in the vicinity of all the fittings and fixtures that stick out through the pool liner like lights, drain, return, pump, heater, filter, skimmer etc. Check to see whether the liner has come away or there are signs of leakage seeping from behind a fixture. Check for evidence of leaking or water.

If you do not locate any leaks round your swimming pool equipment you'll have to start looking at the liner itself. Submerged leaks might be identified with a dye test. You can obtain a kit specifically designed for leak discovery or could even try food coloring. Put the dye into a calm pool within a quarter inch of where you think the leak may be. If there is a leak, close to the place where you put the dye in, it'll be sucked out. Generally dye testing can be done from the side of the pool, now and then however, you may have to get into the pool with a diver's mask to fully check the liner for leaks.

When you find the leak you'll need to choose if it's something you are able to mend yourself or whether you ought to contact an expert.

You can fix little rips with an inexpensive vinyl liner repair kit and there are a variety of epoxies and sealants which can be used. If it's below water you will need a "wet" patch package. Apply the watertight bonding factor to the vinyl patch and stick it directly over the tear. Then flatten out any air or water bubbles.

Calling In The Swimming Pool Experts

Sometimes leaks are in bits of the pool that are not accessible or you may simply be unable to find it yourself. In this circumstance you'll need to seek the services of a trained pool leak specialist who will use sound detection or other specialized apparatus and techniques to discover the leak.

Time for Replacement Pool Liners?

Making repairs should go a long way towards extending the life time of your pool but at some point, vinyl swimming pool liners need replacing. Once the liner is dry, brittle and falling apart, which is a regular occurrence right above the water level, it's time for a brand new one.

And as with the mending situation you will need to make your mind up if this is a job you wish to handle yourself or whether you'll call in the specialists.

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