Reptile Pool - The Answer to Messy Cages

by Pool Builders on 03-31-2010 in Articles

Do you have a lizard, a chameleon, a snake, turtle, or even a frog? I am sure that if you have one you will agree immensely with what I am talking. If not and you are new at the whole "reptilian pet ownership thing", you will soon discover that one of the biggest headaches is cleaning up the cage.

This you may find is such a big headache that you may want to just give up having a pet altogether.

The biggest problem with cleaning up the cage is where to put the snake, lizard, chameleon, frog...turtle (you name it) when you are cleaning the cage.

Very often you have to take the pet and put him in another container while dousing down the tank. And this is especially a problem when the pool and the tank are one unit.

Secondly, a pet owner will have siliconed in place a partition of glass against the walls of the aquarium so that it in effect becomes a pool. This makes things more difficult, because now the water must be dumped out of the pool by tipping over the entire tank.

Clean up can be a big, big headache and may be put off for weeks instead of being performed daily.

The answer to helping solve this problem is to use a mobile pool, or an easily removed pool. This makes water clean up easier and less cumbersome.

Additionally, use of a pool that compliments the terrarium or aquarium enclosure in aesthetics and function is pretty important. Typically owners will provide dishes or small "Tupperware looking" containers for the reptile. This makes the cage look cluttered and less than eye pleasing.

Just looking at the bare bones-ness of the whole situation, the owners are doing what is required. Because for good pet health (non-mammalian pets) the following are needed:

- A uniform dependent temperature environment with fluctuations that mimic nature
- A clean water environment for soaking and swimming
- A clean cage environment
- A healthy diet
- A calm non-aggressive setting

Of the list above a water environment that is clean is vital for good pet health. Cleaning the water can be performed by filters or by just plain replacing the water. Additionally, the water container needs to be flushed and residue and feces' material removed. Even if you have a filtration system, the water still needs to be changed, but not as frequently.

Having a reptilian or amphibian pet requires frequent water attention and cleaning.

Use of a removable pool makes clean up easier, more accessible, and most importantly makes water clean up not such a big chore. The side benefit is that in most instances you don't need a separate container for your pet, you can clean the terrarium while the pet is still in the cage (as long as you are not using super strong chemicals of course!)

The ideal is to find the proper link between pool, functionality (ie stairs in, stairs out etc..), aesthetics and removeability. Cleaning is top on the list, while functionality is a close second. Keep this in mind while setting up your terrarium setting. A happy healthy pet is what really counts here.

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