Rescue Pets Swim to Me Puppy Are a Lot of Fun For Your Kids

by Pool Builders on 12-14-2009 in Articles

Toddler Christmas Toys

If you're stuck trying to think about gifts for your toddler this year, you have many options when it comes to unique, fun, interactive toys. Instead of buying a stationary gift, you might think about something that moves, makes sounds and makes for hours of fun playtime.

Rescue Pets Swim to me Puppy is one of these really fun, interactive toys that your children are sure to love. His big, cartoonish eyes, floppy ears and pert tail make this little puppy simply irresistible to both boys and girls. Not only does this puppy look cute, but he can also move both on land and water! Your child is sure to enjoy endless hours of fun whether playing outside or in the bathtub at home.

This adorable little stray puppy is a 9", battery-operated toy that walks on land with just the press of a button. Then, when you place him in water and he'll doggy-paddle all around the tub or swimming pool. There are little sensors on each puppy that tells them when they're in water and need to start swimming. He even comes with his own swimming goggles and tiny doggie towel. This is a really fun toy for children to enjoy both on land and water, and is an extra enticement to get them into the bath (they'll have such a good time, you might not be able to get them out!).

There is a collection of puppies, so whether your child like Dalmatians or Golden Retrievers, there is a pet for everyone. The fun doesn't just stop with the puppy itself - there is also a website where your child can register their adopted pet, play online games, send e-cards and much more. Once you've taken this little stray puppy home to your child, be sure to check out the rescue pets website to take part of the online fun

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