Restoring Swim Damaged Hair

by Pool Builders on 12-31-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools can wreak havoc on your hair. Unfortunately, the chemicals used to treat the water and keep it clean and free of contaminants are extremely harsh on your fragile locks.

The result of repeated exposure to the chlorine and copper used in standard swimming pools usually results in brittle, dry hair that is quite fragile and breaks easily. In order to combat the effects of swimming, it's important to take steps to nourish and condition your hair against the damage as well as rehydrate it.

The water in a pool strips the natural oils from your hair, leaving it vulnerable. Regular shampoos and conditioners are rarely fortified enough to restore your hair to a healthy state. Therefore, it's best to seek out specialized shampoos designed specifically for the treatment of swimmer's hair.

There are a few popular products on the market, targeted to work on chlorine damaged hair. One such product is Agree Swimmers Solution. Not only will it leave your hair soft and shiny, it will effectively strip the damaging chemicals from your hair while restoring precious moisture. It's particularly effective right after a swim to leave hair soft and easy to manage.

Another great shampoo is UltraSwim. It also has an accompanying conditioner to revitalize and soften your hair. This product is well reputed for removing pool chemicals and oxidized metals that can build up in your hair. It's moisturizing formula protects your hair and keeps it from discolouring.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three is wonderful for removing build up and chemical compounds. However, this shampoo is not recommended for chemically treated hair (permed, straightened or coloured). While it's designed for use on all hair types, it's particularly effective on swimmer's hair because it removes unwanted residue and chlorine build up in the hair. It detangles while it nourishes and moisturizes, making it a perfect remedy for swimmer's hair.

For avid swimmers, you don't have to sacrifice great hair for the love of sport. You just have to find the right solution for swimmers hair.

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