Reusable Swim Diaper Versus Disposable Swim Diaper?

by Pool Builders on 03-26-2010 in Articles

If you can't wait for the summer to come and go with the kids to the pool there is a thing you must keep in mind - most of the public pools now require that non-potty trained kids wear swim diapers. So that leaves you with the question what swim diaper to buy - is the disposable or the reusable is better?

  • The price - this is the first thing we look at when we go buy anything. Reusables are much more expensive initially but if your family loves swimming in the long term they are the cheaper option.
The comfort - both reusable and disposable diapers are made specifically to protect the delicate infant skin. Choose a swim diaper that is adjustable and can be used at least few months if you go for the washables. If you prefer disposable diapers make sure you pick the most suitable for your baby's weight. Does it make life easier? That is why diapers were invented so ask yourself which one will make things easier for you and your baby. For example - disposable swim nappies are thrown away after use while reusables have to be cleaned, washed and dried every time. Disposables are sold in large packets and are heavy and bulky to carry. Reusable swim diapers are light weight and take little room in your bag.
The environmental footprint - When the fun part at the pool is over there are two steps to make - run the laundry or throw the used diaper away. Which one is "greener" and do you care?

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