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Robert Ripley made his fortune with €Ripley's Believe It or Not,€ a newspaper and later a radio and television series which featured freaks and other oddities he presented as facts to be marvelled at by the public. The following news items may not measure up to Ripley's weird standards but they are almost equally bizarre.

BURNING BODIES TO HEAT SWIMMING POOLS: In very liberal England, Brits hate waste and have hit upon a unique if offensive method to utilize the dead and, at the same time, to conserve energy and provide comfort to swimmers.

In a ghoulish, green proposal, Sir George Young suggested the 800 degree heat generated by crematoria be used to heat swimming pools and said he would €die a happier man€ if he knew his cremation warmed a local pool.

That brilliant idea isn't too far removed from the governmental practice of using human bodies as nutritional sustenance in the movie €Soylent Green.€ Rumors that the Brits will turn to burning people alive for warmth if they run out of dead people are unconfirmed.

PETA KILLS MOST OF THE ANIMALS IT SAVES: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals bills itself as the pre-eminent savior of all non-human animals and defends animal rights while remaining mute on ethically treating pre-born human beings.

PETA has often engaged in outrageous public displays of its disapproval of wearing clothing made from animal fur yet, when it is €protecting€ animals, PETA executes more than 95% of them.

According to documents released by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA killed virtually all the animals it was caring for last year including 1,911 cats and dogs and, since 1998, has killed more than 27,000 animals at its Norfolk headquarters alone.

I suppose PETA can defend its actions on the basis that it is saving some of the animals from being eaten in Chinese restaurants.

A LIBERAL TURNS HIS BACK ON LIBERALISM: President Barack Hussein Obama's former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, apparently felt his talents weren't fully appreciated by the White House. He quit that prestigious job and, not unsurpringly, won the Chicago's mayoralty.

According to the president of the Chicago Teachers' Union, Karen Lewis, she met with Emanuel prior to his inauguration and effectively condemned a quarter of the city's schoolchildren to a life of failure. More precisely, the mayor-elect told her that €25 percent of the students in this city are never going to be anything, never going to amount to anything and he was never going to throw money at them.€

Emanuel's office dismissed Lewis' damning allegation as totally fabricated although there could be no rational explanation for why, as president of the CTU which is dependent on the city for paychecks, she would lie about such a serious matter.

More likely, the arrogant Emanuel, who once sent a dead fish to a political opponent, was speaking his mind even if his thinking ran counter to all liberal thought and preaching.

ETHICISTS ENDORSE UNETHICAL MURDER: Finally, in a sickening example of liberal hypocrisy, two Australian €ethicists€ have published an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics which perfectly illustrates the slippery slope abortion theory.

Alberto Giublini and Francesca Minerva believe that since terminating the life of a pre-born infant in the womb is perfectly acceptable, there is no ethical problem with killing a newborn baby in what they call an €after birth abortion.€

Can mercy killing of the sick, disabled, and aged be far behind?

Robert Ripley may have exhibited oddities but is anything more weird than exploiting dead people to warm swimming pools, PETA unethically treating animals, Democrat politicians denigrating Chicago students, and ethicists regarding defenseless human beings as disposable?
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