Romantic Places in Goa  

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Amongst the myriad delightful flavours of Goa tourism industry, romance remains a deeply entrenched element. The destination, with its legendary sun, sand, and surf experience, spectacular waterfalls, plantations, and wildlife sanctuaries, centuries' old structures, a megawatt pulsating nightlife, a number of charming romantic resorts, and a lot more, easily works its magic upon the smitten ones. It is easy to see, why a sizeable chunk of the people visiting Goa are honeymooners or other romantic couples. Whether it's losing yourself to the haunting notes of Trance on a beach, enjoying a classy candlelight dinner, or exploring a multitude of captivating sightseeing attractions with your companion - Goa is packed with huge dollops of romance. Here, check them out.

Beaches and Romance

Gently lapped by the balmy waters of the Arabian Sea, Goa's palm fringed beaches with gleaming golden or milky white sands remain the most well known thing about the destination. Couples can look forward to lots of fun and frolic. The ones looking for privacy and secluded would be better off trying the beaches in South Goa. Many of these are part of luxury resorts and provide the perfect setting for lazing around with a glass of champagne or watching a dazzling sunset. However, the adventurous couples may feel better off at the North Goa beaches, where there are lots of adrenalin pumping water sports such as parasailing, water scooter rides, and banana rides. The Calangute Beach of North Goa is also pretty close to Tito's and Club Mambo's, two of the hottest nightclubs in Goa.

A Romantic Cruise

Most people may not be aware that going on a cruise is a must have experience, if you want to enjoy Goa tourism to the fullest. The Mandovi River Cruise is especially well suited for couples. The joy of cruising the river, while enjoying great food and booze to the accompaniment of divine music just cannot be put into words. Amongst the various cruises, a highly popular one is the cruise organised by Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). These cruises have been classified as Dinner, Sunset, Sundown, and Backwater Thrills. The daytime cruise treats you to captivating views of dense foliage. The Sunset cruise lasts for an hour and professional dancers entertain guests with traditional dances. You also get to see prominent landmarks such as Aguada Fort, Cabo Raj Bhavan, and Reis Magos Church from the ship.

Goa's Romantic Hotels and Resorts

For an unforgettable romantic Goa tourism experience, try to book your stay at places such as €The Leela Kempinski', Lover's Nest, Coco Shambhala, and Nilaya Hermitage. The Leela Kempinski lies nestled between River Sal and the Arabian Sea in South Goa. A private beach, two swimming pools, spa, free yoga classes, a 12-hole golf course, and casino cast an overwhelmingly romantic spell. The Lover's Nest is aptly named. Their Club Pool Suite has a private plunge pool and outdoor bathtub. They can even arrange a Lover's Bath in the room. The Italian restaurant here overlooks the Sal River and provides the perfect ambiance for a romantic meal. For a dive into the lap of luxury with the love of your life, check out Coco Shambhala Complex near Coco Beach Resort. Take your pick from amongst the four mind blowing villas here equipped with two bedrooms and private jet pool.

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