Rules In Installing Pool Fences  

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2011 in Articles

Pool fences should be installed in every swimming pool. Some localities have their own laws regarding the installation of fences. Pool owners should be responsible in the safety of their pools. Whether they have kids or not, for safety purposes, pool owners should install pool fences. Fences for the pool also adds additional enhancement to the pool area and the home. A pool with fence surrounding it will add value to the property. This is also a way of keeping the animals away and security measure against possible intruders in the pool.

Choosing fences for the pool is not an easy job; it requires certain rules that must be followed under the pool safety standards as required by the law.

- Pool fences should have a height of not less than four feet. It could be taller depending entirely of the distance of horizontal railing.

- The spacing between the slats must be less than four inches and the middle horizontal railing should be 45 inches above the bottom of the horizontal railings. This is done in order to prevent the horizontal rail as a means of climbing.

- The bottom horizontal rails and the ground should have a distance of not less than two inches. This is to prevent the kids or any intruders from crawling on the ground.

- The gates of the pool fences should have self-latching and self-closing mechanism.

- The latch of the opening mechanism should be 54 inches above the ground level.

Pool fences offers safety but young children have a habit of discovering ways on how to enter properties with "keep off" sign. Additional safety precautions will add a safer atmosphere for the family.

- Always get rid of the toys that your kids left in the pool area, they may return and get it in the pool without your knowledge.

- Keep the ladders and any objects that will serve as steps in climbing the pool fences.

- If possible get additional safety devices such as pool gate with alarm, pool safety net and pool cover.

- Teach your children how to swim or enroll them in swimming lessons.

- Keep flotation devices, nets and hooks handy in case something untoward happens.

- Adults like the parents must know first aid especially CPR techniques.

- Always be on guard and see to it that your child is always at your arms reach.

- Instill in the mind of your kids that it is not advisable to go near the pool alone and they must also have house rules regarding pool safety rules.

If you are looking for the complete pool fences solution, keep in mind you will need a swimming pool fencing professional to install each fence properly.

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