Rules for Covering Outdoor Pool at Winter  

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2011 in Articles

1. Conservation of the mosaic pool with a monolithic term cup.

qualitative preservation of the pool is possible if:

- Well designed cup

- Properly placed jets, skimmer piping, etc.,

- Correctly implemented stage of conservation.

as in our latitudes (Kiev) the construction of outdoor tile (mosaic) pool sooner or later leads to disruption of the inner lining and waterproofing to the preservation of such pools should be treated with special care.

1.1.Esli bowl is designed to make its operation without water and in the construction site of the groundwater basin, snowmelt, flood water never rises above the ground floor of the pool tile pool is recommended to fully drain. The water from all pipes must be removed or samotokom with a powerful compressor. Next, we need to parse (open drain plugs) all equipment pool: pumps, heaters, filters,... and remove from them all the water. After removing the water all the elements of the mortgages pools shall be sealed with special winter caps and barrel (see photo). Then you need to make a winter blanket (with frame) prevents you hit water in the bowl pool, you will need to take into account the emergence of large quantities of water from rains and melting snow.

1.2.1. Most dangerous for the tiles (mosaic) is not the magnitude of frost, and the number of cycles of freezing-thawing. Even when using the highest quality materials in one year, two, three, five, begins to break tiles and waterproofing outdoor pools. So if you want to save for longer than the inner coating, your cup is not designed for resistance to frozen ground or at the location of the groundwater basin, snowmelt, flood water sometimes rises above the ground floor of the pool should be carried out conservation of the basin under the second scenario:

Need to reduce the amount of exposure to the inner coating cycles of freeze-thawing and frozen soil to compensate for pressure on the bowl. This can be done only one way - to leave the water in the pool.

If the pool is designed properly, it is enough to drain the pool a third of the water (the pipes of all the jets and skimmers have emptied); drown all mortgages elements basin special winter caps and barrel (see photo) to water (on the two diagonals of the pool) to make special compensatory floats, and a special cover pool winter blanket (no frame), allowing melting and rain water to fall directly into the pool, add the water a special feature "Winter Care" to prevent the loss of the spring on the sides of the pool of lime sludge, turbidity, etc. Before adding the drug "Winter Care" to align the water parameters to the following parameters: pH 7.0, 1.5 mgal free chlorine, alkalinity of 60 mgl. After 4 months of conservation need to add to the dose of the drug "Winter Care".

1.2.2.V if the pool is designed with some errors and after draining 1913 water jets are still submerged in water, or swimming pool has a specific hardware, or you want to protect the entire inner surface of the bowl from frequent exposure cycles of freezing-thawing is necessary to drain all water, empty all pipes, drown them, fill the pool to the top, adjust the water, add "Winter Care", to place floats, pool cover winter blanket (no frame).

2. Conservation liner pools.

Film pool also requires careful preservation. For the preservation of the basin apply all the suggestions listed above, except 1.1.

General Rules: You must also, after draining off the power from the power units and control units, all pumps and other equipment must be stored in a warm place: to dismantle in a warm garage or provide elementary heating of the engine room with an ordinary light bulb or electric radiators. 1 every 3 months to crank shafts of all motors.

The simplest and most reliable is the preservation of the pool with attached filters P11, GRI 181, Harmony, Harmony-Easy, F15, F25, F44. Using these filtering system does not involve the laying of pipelines and fixtures around the pool. Conservation of these pools is simplified by the absence of caps and the risk of pipeline leaks. The front part of such units being dismantled for the winter and placed in a warm room.

We hope that our recommendations will help you and will prolong the life of your pool and equipment for many years.

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