Run A Car On Water - DIY Hydrogen Generator To Run You Car On HHO, Hydrogen Gas  

by Pool Builders on 04-22-2014 in Articles

Hydrogen gas is dangerous in its purest form. It is expensive to produce and when it finally comes to market, it will be expensive to put in our vehicles, which of course will have to be replaced with vehicles that run on hydrogen gas... the big guys always seem to win and we little folk are always paying in the ____! Why not make a form of hydrogen gas called HHO yourself and turn your car into a water burning hybrid?

Not only is this possible to do, but you can build your own hydrogen generator to run your car on water for under $65 and with parts you can find locally. The government can't tax free hydrogen gas made by a generator you built and filled with ordinary tap water so it is not pushing this technology.

Big business does not see the economic value in pursuing hydrogen generator technology because you can build and install your own for less than what it takes for a tank of gas. It is up to you and I to push hydrogen technology to the forefront and build our own hydrogen generators to power our cars on water.

When I say run your car on water it is more accurate to say that when you install your hydrogen generator you will turn your car into a hybrid, running it both on regular gasoline and on HHO gas that you create on demand in your hydrogen generator.

Thousands of people all across the world have built their own hydrogen generators and are running their cars on water right now, including myself. I'm a single mother of four and built my own generator in less than two days and have increased my gas mileage by 30%. A lot of folks are getting 80-100% increases in their gas mileage using more advanced models that are still easy and cheap to build

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