SR Smith ADA Lift Regulations  

by Pool Builders on 02-12-2012 in Articles

SR Smith ADA lifts are to help disabled people. The American disabilities act offers goods to people with disabilities to enjoy on an equal basis with general public. The aim is to offer each individual the benefit of enjoying life. This is the reason that swimming pools are featured to accommodate disabled people and to offer opportunity to enjoy water-based activities.

The ADA compliant PAL Lifts of SR Smith. is a portable lift that needs no deck mounting. It supports 700 pounds weight and meets the industry standard offering portable swimming pool access. This is ideal for aquatic facility. Splash ADA Pool Lift is a product of SR Smith that is semi-portable requiring a deck anchor. The Splash is ideal and user-friendly offering easy access to swimming pool.

The Splash lift meets the guidelines of ADA and comes in lo, Hi, spa and other extended versions of reach. The extended reach is a 300lb capacity model, while the other version offer lifting capacity of a 400 lb. This lift offers 359 degree rotation and comes in aluminum and coated stainless steel with a 24 V rechargeable battery.

Splash truly offers a splash and is a genuine aquatic lift that is designed to offer swimming facilities. It provides access to pools and the uniqueness is its being semi-portable. The durability and the design ensure continuous operation and so the service problems are minimal to nil. This is operated using a actuator that is screw driven.

Splash is a standard product that remains attached to the swimming pool as a standard practice. It has a round anchor socket of 1.90ID used for backstroke flag or also for starting blocks. Splash Heavy duty model employs a square anchor and they require a configuration worksheet of the poolside with each order and manufacture each product to meet the pool specifications.

The advantage of Splash is that it is maintenance free and it components are corrosion resistant materials. This includes aluminum that is powder coated in the arms and housing, while the base, seat frame and mast are in powder coated stainless steel. The unique seat offers the user best comfort and ease of transfer.

The hand control is completely waterproof, and allows either the user or the attendant to control its operation with ease. The control box and battery are water resistant and should be protected from long exposure to the water. A small, waterproof cover is included with each lift to cover the control box when the system is in use.

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