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The latest and most innovative swimming pool equipments in the world today are considered to be user friendly, safe and most of all environmentally friendly. Everyone is considering on minimizing their footprints in the world today for the future to come. The changing climates are signs of a weary world and needs to be addressed, prompting manufacturing companies to create lesser emissions for the environment while providing excellent energy savings for the end user. Swimming pool equipments are not an exception.

Bringing you the latest technology are pool products including the new EnviroPro range. The MultiCyclone Centrifugal Filter is a pre-filtration device capable of saving water and reducing filter maintenance. The device works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration - there are no moving parts to wear and tear, and no filter media to clean or replace. The MultiCyclone is ideal as a pre-filter, extending the life of your swimming pool filter and cutting water consumption. On the other hand the MultiCyclone Plus uses the most advance hydro cyclone technology to reduce the footprint of the filtration system. It combines all of the revolutionary features of its predecessors with a built-in cartridge filter. Incoming water tangentially enters its multiple hydro cyclones, generating a strong centrifugal effect. Approximately 80% of the incoming dirt load is spiraled down to its clear sediment chamber.

The Opal Cartridge Filter that provides sparkling clear water and requires minimal maintenance. The filter's screw on lock ring allows easy access to the filter cartridge for removal, cleaning and installation in a matter of minutes. It is available in 135 sq. ft. to 270 sq. ft. cartridge size units.
The Micro S602 Eco Media Filter features an internal hydraulically efficient system, which facilitates energy and water savings of up to 30 percent and offers improved water clarity.
On swimming pool pumps, unlike the conventional pumps that are limited to one set high flow rate speed, the Hydrostorm Eco is equipped with a three speed motor which allows pool owners to set the pump at a low, energy saving flow rate for every day filtration. Equipped with an energy saving 3 speed motor, Hydrostorm Eco is capable of lowering its energy usage and reducing its operating noise levels.

Lighting your swimming pools allows you to use your pool at night. The Britestream Niche LED Lights are Energy saving lights that are flush mounted pool light that utilize energy efficient super bright LED'S to deliver startling pool illumination. Using only 15 watts of energy they have a long life span over 70,000 hours and are available in Brite White or Electric Blue or multicolour with nine programmable colour settings. These are the latest in the market today.
Lastly is the latest advancement in swimming pool heating, the Electroheat heat pump that extracts and intensifies the latent heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to your swimming pool. Electroheat heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat your pool water and extend your swimming season. It is available in 16KW to 44 KW, single and three phase models.
Explore the latest swimming pool equipments in the market today and consider worsening environmental conditions.

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