Sacramento Pool Service - 3 Tips to a Clean Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-01-2011 in Articles

For Immediate Release: December 3rd, 2011. Sacramento, Ca

Its definitely cold out side in Sacramento. With the rain falling and the wind blowing, swimming pools are not looking its best. Leaves, branches, and other debris are floating in the air landing in your pool. So how do you keep it clean, daily? These 3 simple tips make a big difference!

Cleaning the pump pod basket is one of the most important things to do. A clogged pump pod basket will not only slow or stop the flow of your pool, it will also burn out and cost a few hundred dollars to replace the motor. We recommend you open it and clean it once a week. (The pump pod basket is the basket located by the main filter. Most pump pod baskets have a clear lid).

Putting your hand into the side skimmer basket when water is cold is no fun. However, a clean skimmer will help remove the leaves and debris from the top of the swimming pool. Certain parts of Sacramento have more tree's then others. If you have lot's of tree's in your neighborhood you may need to check your skimmer basket more often. In any case, I would check the side skimmer basket at least one time per week.

Last recommendation for my fellow Sacramento Pool owners would be add a pool sweep. If you have one already, clean the bag, basket, finger screen, energy glass or any other mini filters it may have weekly. This will say you TON's of cleaning time. It will not only help your Swimming Pool look better, It will also prevent stains.

Keeping the pool clean during the winter months is not always fun. Trust me, I completely understand with my own pool. When a guest comes to visit my family, I want to keep my blinds open and show off my yard. I do not want to hide a dirty pool. Using the simple tips will make a big difference in the cleanliness of your pool.

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