Safe and Crystal Clear Pool With Chlorine

by Pool Builders on 03-21-2010 in Articles

Keeping your swimming pool safe is not something you have to take for granted and thank goodness there are so many pool chemicals to make this job easier. Even though you have filter system to do the heavy work for you, fine tuning your pool still needs to be done by the various pool chemicals, one of which is chlorine.

Your swimming pool can accumulate dirt and bacteria not visible to the eye but may eventually make your pool cloudy and so you will need something to disinfect them and one effective disinfecting chemical is chlorine which is also the most widely used chemical even in public swimming pools and resorts.

Chlorine can be used in its solid or liquid form and you can add it in your water anywhere in your filter's cycle but some professionals propose that you put it after the filtering procedure with the use of a chemical feeder. Adding the chlorine directly to your pool can make them too concentrated in some parts. It is also advisable to use a stabilizing ingredient when treating your swimming pool with chlorine for no other reason than that it is not mainly stable and can easily degrade when it is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet light. So a stabilizing ingredient such as cyanuric acid must be added because this causes the chlorine to become more stable compound and will not easily break down when expose to the sun.

This chemical will make sure your pool water stays safe and crystal clear for a much enjoyable swim.

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