Safer and Cleaner Pools with Reduced Maintenance Costs for Home Owners Associations  

by Pool Builders on 12-07-2010 in Articles

Many homeowners associations have to try and walk a fine line between attempting to provide the best service possible and maintaining or even lowering costs. While this can be all but impossible in many areas, one in which it can be done relatively easily is in pool and spa maintenance.

Keeping pool and spa water and surfaces clean and safe for residents is an absolutely necessity, but this is most definitely a case where the most expensive option for the job isn't necessarily the most effective one. People tend to feel that the only way to get a pool clean and running properly is with the use of potentially dangerous compounds or chemicals - so large storage tanks are purchased and local contractors who have training are employed to properly handle the work.

While it's certainly advisable to have a reputable pool company perform your community pool maintenance, you can have an even cleaner and better functioning pool and spa if you find a company that is familiar with and uses alternative methods of pool maintenance.
Storing hazardous chemicals, even when proper protocol is followed, can create a hazardous environment. Using chemicals to clean and maintain pools also requires you to occasionally inconvenience residents by closing pools as the dangerous chemicals are added.

In order to create the safest environment possible for the residents who frequent the pool, the dangerous chemicals need to be eliminated and that can be done now by seeking out a pool service contractor that uses CO2, saline chlorination and anti scaling devices. Though they haven't yet taken the world of pool maintenance by storm, some of these methods have been used effectively for decades to provide the safest and most effective way to provide a clean and optimally functioning pool.

These innovative methods of maintenance require no dangerous chemicals to yield results, which makes them much safer to residents who use the pool and to the entire environment surrounding the pool and ultimately cuts down on costs. Your pool company will no longer have to use gallon after gallon of those expensive and dangerous chemicals to create a sanitary environment, which makes the cost of maintenance substantially lower.

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