Safety Equipments Around the Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-23-2010 in Articles

Never leave a child near a pool alone. Children have this tendency to go to the pool, and it only takes a moment for them to fall over the edge. If you have to leave the pool even for a split second, take your child along.

One thing that you should do is have safety equipments around the pool. One example is shepherd's hook, which can be used to pull a person out of the pool. Shepherd's hook and other safety equipment would come in handy when it comes to saving a person's life.

You should also have a phone near the pool. If any emergency arises, you can call for help promptly. Otherwise, you would be left wasting time searching for the phone.

Do you have a fence all around the pool? If no, get one installed immediately. The fence will act as a protective boundary. The fence should be at least six feet high with a gate that can be locked. This will disallow unwanted access to the pool. You should keep it the gate locked, and keep the keys with you all the times.

You should learn CPR. You might never have to use it. However, we never know with emergencies. They catch you unaware so it is better to be prepared. CPR can be used to revive a person in case a non-swimmer falls into the pool.

If anyone, who cannot swim, is standing in the pool area, you should always be by his or her side and within reach. In case the person falls in, you will be able to act in time.

Swimming is awesome fun and a great activity but there are many risks involved too. Therefore, once you are done with the pool, you should lock the gate properly so that no one gets in. you must also keep the keys with you.

All of these safety precautions can save a life.

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