Safety Pool Fence - An Important Accessory For Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 05-30-2010 in Articles

An easy alternative to employing a full time lifeguard to supervise your children is to install a child safety pool fence. This is the best physical protection that you can provide for the safety of the children but remember that adequate supervision is also a must. Good pool safety fences can keep undesirable creatures from entering the pool area and thus avoid any contamination.

Pool safety fences can prevent people from accidentally falling into the swimming pool. It may look funny for a non swimmer to be floundering around in the pool but it takes only an inch of water to cause a terrible mishap. These pool fences help to demarcate the area of the swimming pool and make people in the vicinity aware of their position in relation to the pool and thus help in preventing any accidental fall into the pool.

A lot of hardware stores stock different types of high quality pool safety fences and what is more there are actually several specialist websites that now offer them for sale online also. You can tailor the style of your fence to suit the layout of you home and yard. Pool fences are available is varying heights but remember that they should be at least four feet tall to prevent children climbing over unnoticed. Children have the tendency to look for small spaces to squeeze through the fence, therefore ensure that no opening is more than four inches wide. The closures on self-closing and self-latching gates and doors around the pool must be situated beyond a child's reach and all gates should open outward.

When you have your pool safety fence installed you can also have other safety devices installed to increase the safety around your pool. In ground pool alarms are a good safety device that will warn you in case someone accidentally falls into the swimming pool.

You should always bear in mind that by installing a child safety pool fence, you will not only increase your property value but this will also reflect positively on your insurance premiums.

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