Safety Rules for Above Ground Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 04-24-2012 in Articles

Swimming has always been fun for the kids. During summer or even ordinary days, they often beg their parents to allow them to swim in their own above ground swimming pools. This is a good thing because they get to enjoy and strengthen different muscles as they grow up, however, they can't and shouldn't be left alone. Drowning accidents are prone to children, so you have to make sure that these things don't happen. They tend to be excited and rebel, if they don't get what they want. At this point, you have to let them understand the possible consequences of their actions. Here are some important safety rules and tips:

• To make sure that kids don't reach the pool, try to build a fence around it. The height should be taller than your kids, so that they won't be able to climb and get across. Since this is not an assurance that they won't be able to go in, see to it that you lock it properly, and that they can't reach it.

• Another way to keep them from going to the pool on their own is putting a cover over it. These are usually customized to fit the opening of your pool. If it's covered, they won't have access to it. Just the same, make sure that it has a latch, and that you can lock it.

• Alarms can also be installed in your pool, that way when anyone goes near it, you will know right away. There are a lot of units in the market. Just make sure that you evaluate things carefully before buying anything.

• If your kids want to swim in an above ground pool and they are big enough to do it alone, make sure that you put a mark or a barrier, so that they will know their boundaries. This is very important, especially if you want to keep an eye on them, and you're doing something inside the house. Keeping an eye on them at all times will give you a sense of security and safety.

• If your kids are big enough, you should explain some safety rules with them. Enroll them in swimming lessons, and install rescue equipments around your above ground pool. Make sure that they know how to use this, that way when anything happens, they will know what to do.

• It's really very important that someone is there to watch the kids while they are swimming in the pool. If you need to do something that forces you to not be able to keep an eye on your children, then first tell everyone to stop swimming, and make sure that everybody is out of the water. Distract them by giving them food or maybe even some games or let them watch TV, and make sure that they understand that they can't go into the water without your permission. To really ensure that no one gets into the pool while you are not supervising, lock the gate or fence, cover the pool, or set the alarm.

Having above ground swimming pools are very convenient to have. Make sure that you take proper precautions, especially if you live with kids. This can cause drowning accidents if taken for granted. Swimming is a fun activity, but you have to keep in mind that safety should always come first.

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