Safety Tips for Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2012 in Articles

Swimming is a relaxing and refreshing exercise. To take full advantage of this rejuvenating experience, you must observe certain safety precautions. Whether you are using a regular swimming pool or an endless pool Toronto, Ontario, Canada, pay attention to the following important safety tips to ensure a hazard-free experience.


Commercial swimming pools must always have a lifeguard to prevent untoward incidents such as drowning. Also, children should never be allowed to use the pool without proper adult supervision.

Technical fittings

Swimming pools have lots of extra fittings such as pumps, jets, drain-covers, filters etc. All of these fittings must meet the required industry standards. Faulty equipment can be very dangerous. An endless pool Toronto, Ontario, Canada with a damaged drain must not be installed and used until the problem is rectified.

Hand-rails and steps

Though the element of water is what makes a pool very refreshing, it is also dangerous. To enhance support and prevent slipping, make sure that the swimming pool has steps and hand-rails that are securely fastened.

Covers and fences

You can keep your pool safe from accidents by using pool covers and placing fences. By using a cover, you will be able to prevent people from falling and drowning in the pool. Putting up fences is also a good way to keep children away from the pool when it is not in use.

Pool cleanliness

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the water, floor and side-walls of your swimming pool. Make sure that debris such as dirt, leaves and grass are cleared from the pool everyday. The pool floor and walls must be cleaned on a regular basis. The best way to ensure that your pool stays clean all through the year is to use a pool cover that is manufactured by a reputed company.

Use of chemicals

Chemicals such as algaecide and chlorine are added to the water in pools to maintain its hygiene. But, the excessive use of such chemicals can lead to infections of the eyes, ears and nose and skin allergies as well. You can hire a professional pool maintenance company to ensure that the water in your pool is safe.

Indoor fixtures

Indoor pool installations such as an endless pool Toronto, Ontario, Canada must be installed and used only according to the guidelines of the manufacturers. Make sure that the systems are situated at a distance from electrical outlets to prevent electrocution.

Food and Beverages

When using a swimming pool, avoid eating food and drinking alcoholic beverages. Food can contaminate the water and adversely affect the hygiene of the water. Consuming alcohol can make you drowsy or lose consciousness which can lead to unfortunate accidents such as drowning.

Medical conditions

People suffering from medical conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease must only use the swimming pool after consulting with their physician. Also, avoid using the pool when you are taking strong medication.

By following these precautions, you can ensure a safe and fun experience. A swimming pool or an exercise machine such as an endless pool Toronto, Ontario, Canada, must only be purchased from reputed dealers as they will adhere to the required safety standards.

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