Salt Chlorinator Systems Are The Way   

by Pool Builders on 07-15-2011 in Articles

The future of clean swimming pools is among us. Although many of you might be familiar with salt chlorinator systems, there is one other alternative you may not be so familiar with; a saltwater-ozone sanitizing system. It's like nothing you have ever experienced and once you see how awesome it is you will wonder how you ever used any other system before. The days of back breaking work in order for your pool to look good are over!

A chlorine generating pool is an older technology that creates chlorine by passing water, with a correct level of salt in it, through an electric current. A portion of the salts, in turn, splits into chlorine and sodium. This simple technology has been fine-tuned for pools and now is becoming the most preferred way of chlorinating ones' pool. The saltwater swimming pool, per se, is a lot cheaper in that salt is cheaper than chlorine. With a salt chlorinator system, you get a fabulous looking oasis for a whole lot less money.

Another great oxidizer that can also be produced by an electric spark is Ozone. This is a kind of oxygen, that generates purification that can also eliminate unwanted algae from your pool as well as other unwanted bacteria. "Ozonators" have been available in spas and hot tubs for over two decades. The only negative when using one is that bromine must also be introduced to the water, because the ozone generally disappears after 25 minutes or so. Because of this, they have not been used in pools.

Imagine if the salt chlorinator system could be combined with an o-zone producing system. One where chlorine could be produced inexpensively to assist the system in killing algae and bacteria. It can! I mean really, who wants to invite guests to their house only to take them outside and have them witness green stuff all over the walls. That's really disgusting. You work hard as it is and your pool should always be sparkling. You should not have to be a slave to it.

No matter if you are remodeling an old one or are constructing a brand new one, you should definitely inquire as to the possibility of incorporating a salt chlorinator system. I would rather spend time with my family, making a BBQ or watching the football game, than messing with my swimming pool. Time is so precious, why not get help where you can and advantage of modern technology.

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