Salt Pool Basics - A Starters Guide

by Pool Builders on 07-13-2010 in Articles

A salt pool is one of the most desirable add-ons that new or existing pool owners can make. However there is also much confusion in what a salt pool really is and how they work. This article should help clear up some of questions and common misconceptions associated with salt pool chlorine generators.

Many people assume that swimming in a salt pool is the same as swimming in the ocean. This statement could not be more incorrect. The salt content of ocean water is around 35,000 ppm (parts per million) while a salt pool chlorine generator typically only requires about 3,000-3,500 ppm of salt. You will get the all of the benefits of softer and better feeling water without the taste and nuisances of true saltwater.

Another major misconception that pool owners have is that the salt in a salt pool is the sanitizer. The salt is added directly to the pool and is "absorbed" in the pool water. As the now salted water flows through the pool equipment it enters the salt cell where electrolysis takes over and produces a very pure form of chlorine from the salted water. The chlorine produced by the chlorine generator is much different than the chlorine that you would find at your local pool supply shop as it doesn't have any of the nasty additives that store bought chlorine contains. You will find that the water quality is much more comfortable and you won't have to deal with red eyes and "chlorine skin".

The chlorine generator equipment includes the power supply (sometimes referred to as the controller) and the salt cell. At the power supply you'll typically find controls to regulate and control the chlorine generator. This is also the part of the system where the power comes in. Plumbed along with your existing pool equipment system is the salt cell. The salt cell is basically a mini chlorine production facility. As mentioned above the pool water flows through the cell and electrolysis takes over to produce chlorine.

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